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Family Law

We handle all types of divorce and family law matters, including the complex area of military family law.



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Mediation can be a faster, less stressful, and more economical way to handle disputes.

Family Law FAQ

Frederick, Maryland Family Law & Divorce Attorney

We at the Law Offices of Shipe & Bush Law want to answer all of your questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions which we hope will help you understand the divorce process better. However, you are more than welcome to call our office for a free initial consultation.

Do I really need an attorney if I’m getting a divorce?

Although it is certainly possible to file your own divorce, there are many confusing legal issues that need to be addressed. Especially if there are children involved, having a qualified Frederick Divorce attorney is vital to being able to navigate through the process while protecting your rights.

How much child support can I expect?

Because each individual family has different financial and family situations, there is no quick answer to this question. While Maryland does have Child Support Guidelines, the actual amount of support depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, childcare expenses, health insurance and medical expenses. With our free initial consultation, we can more carefully review your situation and provide you with more detailed answers.

What is a contested divorce?

If you find that you are having difficulty agreeing to final terms with your spouse regarding property, alimony or child support, the divorce is considered to be contested by the other spouse. In order to resolve these issues, you will likely need to have a family law attorney assist with resolving the issue. This type of divorce will normally be more costly to settle and take longer as well.

What if my spouse and I  want an uncontested divorce?

This is a better option for you and your family because it is economical and maintains civility. However, it is important to be aware that there must be complete agreement on all points in order for this type of divorce to work. Allow our family law firm to assist you with the proper filings and drafting a Marital Settlement Agreement.

Divorce Lawyer in Frederick, Maryland

We look forward to providing you with answers to all of your family law questions. Please contact us today for your initial free consultation.

Contact a Frederick, Maryland Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Shipe & Bush, P.C. to discuss your divorce options.