Child Support

Child Support Lawyers in Frederick, MD – Calculations And Modifications

It is extremely important that you have financial stability in order to support your children in the event of a divorce or separation. Without the necessary support, your child’s best interests may not be served. In many situations, child support can be awarded to a custodial parent to care for his or her children.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Maryland has specific child support guidelines that have been enacted to determine the amount that should be paid to support a child. The guidelines look at a number of things such as the number of children, the parents’ income, health insurance and childcare expenses and more. In most situations, the calculations from the guidelines are appropriate. However, under rare circumstances, there may be deviations from the suggested guidelines.

While the child support guidelines in Maryland may seem straightforward, there can be issues that complicate your situation. It’s always important to have an attorney working with you through this process and to review your case to make sure your child does not miss out on the appropriate financial support.

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Child Support Modifications

Following a divorce or separation, changes in your family’s financial situation (or that of the other parent’s) can occur. Adjustments in the amount of child support may need to occur from time to time, or collection efforts from a non-paying spouse may be needed. Attorneys Linda Bush and Kevin Shipe are here to assist you with these matters and be your advocates.

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