Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyers in Frederick, MD

We understand that child custody disputes are emotionally challenging. When you work with The Law Offices of Shipe & Bush, P.C., you will be represented by a team of lawyers who are sensitive to the needs of your children while protecting your rights. We have a successful track record in handling various custody issues.

No parent inherently has a greater right to have custody of their children over the other parent. However, that does not mean your rights as a parent are inherently protected. Our attorneys will analyze the unique facts and circumstances of your case, provide practical analysis, advice and advocacy.

It is always our goal to help parents reach an agreement without needing to go to trial. Our philosophy is that it is much better for parents to determine their children’s future than let a judge sitting on a bench determine it. When possible, we will work with the opposing party and their attorney to find a solution while still advocating for you.

Unfortunately, not all custody disputes can be resolved through negotiations. It such cases, you want an aggressive lawyer to protect your rights while achieving an outcome that is in the best interest of your children. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to effectively and aggressively represent you in the courtroom when needed.

We care about your family’s future and the well-being of your children.


Changes In Custody Arrangements

Sometimes after a Custody Order is in place, changes occur which necessitate a modification in the existing custody arrangement. These changes can occur at anytime but must be a “material change in circumstance” for the Court to consider modifying an existing Custody Order. Our attorneys can advise you as to whether the court is likely to consider whether there is a “material” change in the circumstances of your case and what the possible outcomes are if you decide to file for a modification of custody. Finally, they will strongly advocate for the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Third Party Custody and “De-Facto” Parents

In Maryland, under certain circumstances, third parties who are not the biological parent of a child may have rights similar to a parent for custody or access with a minor child. These rights may stem from various situations such as that of a long-time unmarried partner who acted as a parent, a step-parent or various other persons who have acted in the role of a parent. These parties are called “de-facto” parents.  Regardless of the situation, our attorneys can provide you with a legal analysis as to your potential rights and provide the advocacy you need.

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